the process



The release of feelings, an emblematic purging, the visuals and sounds reflect my inner life being externalized.

Over the years I have a feeling of spiritual release brought about by an intense emotional experience. The creation of this work is almost always cathartic. Perhaps not in a commercial but always in a video and a film.

When I create I feel a catharsis, a relief of whatever is going through my life at that point.

The work is a Process of bringing to the surface repressed emotions, complexities, and feelings in an effort to identify them…and release them.


Father's Daze

My most personal work, FATHERS DAZE was commissioned by Alyce Dissette at ALIVE TV in Spring of 1993.

I had been dealing with my father’s dementia for several years prior to this.

I had been taking a stab at writing a screenplay about it with producers JAMES SCHAMUS and TED HOPE at GOOD MACHINE, to no avail.

Thus with the personal side taking its toll, seeing his demise and it’s toll on me, and professional inexperience with narrative, I was increasingly frustrated.

I had some video research footage of my father, old home movies, and footage of him from his days in pro football.

A wonderful friend and producer named Nina Rosenstein suggested I make a short documentary about my dad using this material. Alyce agreed and FATHERS DAZE was born.

More a tone poem of sadness, frustration and love, the film was deeply personal, handmade and still speaks volumes to those who see it.