the process



I think that fear and chaos always run through me in my process.

As I’ve gotten older I find a strange balance between preparedness and chaotic freeform directing.

Fear within myself … needs to push me to not repeat myself which I have been guilty of, returning to certain iconic images or themes that ‘’work’’ for me….

I have been accused as I’ve gotten older of having sets that are chaotic, yet I feel what emerges is something closer to art.

Planning and storyboarding have never really appealed to me, but designing chaos and shot/idea listing does work.

Being hyper visual, I like pre-visualizing with photos and location images.

I like to gather reference and inspiration, no matter the source…let it burn inside and go for it.

Fear is good—-It is the great motivator and I am not scared of that feeling of apprehension, distress, not knowing….

an idea of entities that give bad feelings

a chance to distill what I am afraid of -       the life I’ve left behind.