I have come to realize that processing is breaking down, reassessing, filtering, reexamining and rendering a  piece conceptually, then visually and sonically.
I prefer the word "process" to the phrase, "going on the journey" which implies a bouncy passive reaction. 

To process is to Be Active--to actively engage in the experience of it, in the reassessing of the idea and it's impact.

How I articulate or execute any piece is a process of cross referring and intuition.

It involves maturing, accepting the inevitability of mortality. It also involves narrowing your focus while remaining optimistic and broad minded in the face of inevitable rejection as an artist...which isn't rejection, merely a subjective opinion about what you are trying to achieve in this world.

Between higher self-controlled art made immediately, free and easy and without any resources required (a text film made on the phone for example, posted to Facebook) or the required hustle and selling for larger budgeted interpretive assigned work or personal films made in the studio system, it is always a question of determination, keeping committed and processing all elements in every moment.